Jul 292013
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Indian Railways is something we all need and we all would have traveled. We know that lots of improvements are being made and currently one of the best features is train inquiry which can be done online and has great features. We tried to explore this and found that this is something really very good tool that each should have. We will provide you the details as how to use this tool and you can also download in you mobile.

Below are the screen shorts from the train inquiry website, where you can check the live status of trains.

train enquiry 1

Here you will find two tabs Train and stations. In the train tab as mentioned you can enter train number, train name, source, destination or a combination of these. Like if you know the train number then you put the number and it will give the result in seconds.

train enquiry 2

You can click on the train and it will give the option to select which train as there can be two running.

train enquiry 3

Once you select the train a beautiful detailed view of the train will appear which will provide the exact status of the train and all the relevant details

train enquiry 4

This is one the example of the search in which you know the train number or name but you can get a collective view also if you want to know which all trains are currently arriving to a particular station within 2 or 4 Hours. This can be done using the tab Station where you can enter the station name or the station code.

train enquiry 5

There are other numerous ways by which you can search via this tool and we found it really helpful. Some of the other ways to search is if you need to go from Mumbai to Delhi select the train tab and type the source and destination station name and it will populate all the details.

You can also download the App in your smart phone. We would like everyone to use this tool and get rid of problems that everyone faced before related to Indian railway.

Go to the website http://www.trainenquiry.com/ where you can check the above process.

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