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Link Aadhaar Card With Bank

It is easy to link aadhaar card number with bank account; this process of linking aadhaar number is taken into consideration under new scheme. Because of which it is easy to receive the subsidy of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) which is mostly used for domestic purpose, directly to your bank account. For getting subsidy it is necessary to link your aadhaar card number correctly with your bank account.

Here we are describing some useful methods, for linking aadhaar card number with the bank account, where aadhaar card number is a 12 digit user ID. It is very easy to link your aadhaar number with bank account; some easy methods are shown below:

Please follow this link to link your aadhaar card with sbi

First Method to link Aadhaar Card with Bank Account

In the first method for linking aadhaar card number with bank account you have to go to your nearby bank branch in which you have your bank account, where you can ask for the process of linking aadhar number with your bank account with executive of the bank.

Second Method to link Aadhaar Card with Bank Account

In this method, fist of all you have to download the form from the link shown below,

Link to download UID aadhar card form

After downloading it take out the hard copy of the form and then it should be filled by you correctly and completely, after doing this you have to submit this filled form in the nearby bank in which you have your account or you can also submit it to the Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) distributor.

Third Method to link Aadhaar Card with Bank Account

In the third method, you can also link the aadhar card number to the respective bank through the facility provided by the centralized bank, like Net – Banking Facility by which you can submit your aadhaar card number online only, and with the SMS also you can submit you aadhaar number by message also.

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  Responses to “How To Link link Aadhaar Card with Bank Account”

  1. Sir,
    I have already submitted adhar card xerox with the xerox of SBM pass book to SBM koppal branch for tha linkage to avail subsidy amount for LPG.but it is linked to LpG distributors. and I have not received any message to my mobile about the linkage of Adhar.please guide me in this matter.
    Thanking You sir.

  2. Sir,
    i have adhar no & sbi bank account no problem is below.
    1) LGP link is activated this is not a problem.
    2) In State Bank of India i have submitted already adhar numbar & proof with my LPG ID number also.
    3) In our mobile recived from sbi bank through sms is your account number has been linked with adhar number
    4) But still in mylpg.in web site DBTL status is still not activated in bank account number.
    Please send what is the problems

    • you may have to wait for some time to get your LPG Subsidy data updated. Please wait about 15 days. Then you can make an official complaint

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