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Passport is one of the most important document for all the citizens of India. Passport is normally valid for 10 years and after every 10 years you need to renew your existing passport. Some other scenarios include exhaustion of the pages, loss/damage, expiration of validity and more in which you need renewal of passport. Earlier renewal of passport was a manual process but now this can be done online. We are providing the steps on how to apply for Passport renewal online.

Step 1 for Passport renewal online

The first step is to land on the web page of the passport website from where you can apply for the online renewal of the passport. Open this link to get started: http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/docAdvisor/reissuePassport

Once you are on this page you will be presented with some options.

Normal/Tatkal: If you want the passport urgently then you can go for the Tatkal option. There will be extra fees for it but the passport will be delivered within a week provided all the verification processes are completed. If you choose ‘Normal’ the passport will be delivered within 45 days from the date of acknowledgement of the application.

Applicant Category: Choose Minor or Adult depending upon the age of the applicant.

Is applicants Date of Birth before 26/01/1989?: Choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ accordingly.

Employment Type: Choose the employment type accordingly

Is applicant’s present address different from that in the existing passport? Choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ depending upon whether you changed address after the issuance of the existing passport.

Click ‘Continue’ after making the appropriate choices.

Select reasons for re-issue

On the next page, select the reason why you want to renew the passport. There are several options and you may select one of them. For instance, if the validity of the passport has expired, select the option “Validity Expired.” In case the pages have exhausted, select “Exhaustion of Pages.” Other options include “Lost/Stolen Passport”, “Damaged Passport” and more.

Depending upon your selection, the next page will show the requirement for the documents.


Here are the steps to apply for the renewal of the passport through the website.

  • Fill up the details to register yourself on the website and to create a Login Id and password.
  • Once you have registered, go back to the home page (the link above) and click on the ‘Login’ button in the ‘Apply’ section. The ‘Login’ button is with the green background currently.
  • Login with the new username and password you created during the registration process.
  • Now click on the link “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport”
  • A blank online form will open. Fill in the details accurately and then click on submit. Make sure that the details are filled with great care otherwise you may face difficulty in the future.
  • In the next step you will need to make the payment to fix an appointment. Click the link “Pay and Schedule Appointment” in the “View Saved/Submitted Applications” section to get the appointment. Online payment is required to get an appointment at the Passport Office. You can make the online payment using the major payment gateways.
  • You will get the Application Reference Number or ARN along with the Appointment Number. You will be required to get the print of the receipt. This receipt will be required at the time of the appointment.
  • Once you are ready with all the original documents and the receipt, visit the Passport Office or Passport Seva Kendra where your appointment has been fixed.

Note: Once you have submitted the online application form, you will need to visit the Passport Office within 90 days from the date of the submission. Failing to do so will require you to resubmit the application along with the fee.

With these simple steps you can apply for passport renewal online. Please note that you can apply for renewal of passport 1 year before the actual expiry date and is normally adviced to apply it atleast 3 months before the actual expiry. Hope this will help you in understanding the process of passport.

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