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Documents Required For UK Tourist Visa

London is one of the most famous tourist destinations all over the world. Most of us want to travel to London to see natural and historical beauty of this grand old city. But to reach here from places other than UK, you would require a VISA. We would like to let you know the documents that are required for UK tourist VISA from India.

Documents Required UK visa

First of all make sure that you have a valid passport which is valid for more than 6 month at the time of travel.

Now go to link to fill the online form and schedule the appointment for Biometrics and documents verification. This will ask you to create a login with a valid email address.

Documents required for UK tourist VISA from India

Information to verify your details for UK Tourist Visa

  1. Print out of the online form. Application form should be duly completed and signed by the applicant (or the legal guardian for children)
  2. Print out of the appointment slip that should contain the bar code. Appointment will be booked once your online form is completed
  3. One identical ID photo less than 1 month old and meeting set standards – which must be attached to the application form. Size of photo – 45 millimeters (mm) high x 35 mm wide
  4. Passport, original  – A signed full national private passport or official travel document valid for at least more than 6 months beyond the validity of the requested visa, with two blank visa pages with the mention “visa” to affix the visa sticker. It should be issued less than 10 years ago and without any damage.
  5. Passport, copy – 2 Copies of the passport containing personal identity information including all other VISA
  6. Old passports, original – If you are in possession of one or more previous passports, it is mandatory to bring it.
  7. Old passports, copy – Copies of the passport containing personal information, and all the pages which contains visas.

Accommodation and travel details for getting UK Tourist Visa

  1. Hotel booking, original (email of the booking also valid). If you are staying with your family member or friend then you need invitation letter from them stating their address and also VISA copy of your relative staying in UK i.e. Bio pages of passport and UK VISA or Residential permit.
  2. Hotel booking, copy (in case of Hotel)
  3. Proof of travel, original – A confirmed return ticket to UK or booking fully paid from your travel agent
  4. Proof of travel, copy

Information about your finances and employment for getting UK Tourist Visa

  1. Six Month Bank Statement dully sealed by banking officer – In the Account statement account holder name should be same as applicant
  2. No objection certificate if you are Working, original – Letter from your employer stating your Job and position and should have no objection for this travel
  3. No objection certificate if you are Working, copy
  4. Last six months payslips, original
  5. Last six months payslips, copy
  6. If you Business owner then proof of business would be required
  7. Last three years form 16 or IT return – If you do not have for last three years then show as many as you have
  8. Proof of financial means of support, original – This is show that you are capable of spending money while traveling. It could include property deeds or fixed deposits in bank. If you have a shared ownership then it should state your share.
  9. Travel Insurance – Not mandatory but it is good to have.

In Addition to this for getting UK Visa you would also require

  1. Marriage Certificate, original – If you are married
  2. Birth certificate, original – If you have children

For dependants i.e. Wife and children Financial Information will not be required but rests of the documents are required i.e. Information to verify your details & Accommodation and travel details

Important Links for UK Visa

UK tourist VISA online application status

UK VISA Status Check

NB: – We are not authorized agent for UK visa but this post is an initiative to share the information that we have regarding this. We have tried to cover all aspects of VISA but still there can be different case for which you may need to contact VISA authority.

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  1. Hi
    I filled out my visa application. Status complete, however there was no link to book an appointment . States that no appoinent is required? So do I just take my supporting documents to the location without an appointment?

    Ps I’m only going to the UK for 3 days

  2. I need confirm hotel and flight booking while applying for u k visa pease clarify

  3. I am from New Delhi, India intend to visit Dibden, U.K. for 1 day interview/ assessment for a flight school. Please advise which type of Visa should I apply.

  4. How much visa fee is to be paid for tourist General visitor/ UK tourist visa ? Can I pay the same fee through any scheduled Bank ? Pl give me name of such bank, so that I can contact them.

  5. i have visit london

  6. I am invited by my British friend. He is going to pay for all
    My expenses. What should I do in this case
    I am a student have a pass port with me. Do I still need to
    Show my air tickets to the visa office? nod what other things I should do
    Please help.

    Kind Regards

  7. il faut choisire un paye d’abord par exemple italy ou lenglise c la meme chose que la france et c kwa ta situation esque vs ets salarie ou bien tu travaille pas …….

  8. how do i book the appointment for the visa online

  9. visa touriste

  10. i looking forward to travel to UK to bring my mother which is went to visit my sister there and know her medical situation is not good so she need some one to help her during to her return trip to our country therefor i need your advise which visa should i apply for

    best regards

  11. excuse me i “have a problem in comprehension and to speak english , because i had only initiation general to studyse english after a period betwin lycée…please help me ;thank you very mutch . <<moi hocine merizek(fares) je risque le restant de ma jeunesse ci je continu a vivre et a resister dans cette mauvaise- situation ici à jijel.algeria ;par ce que guérire le tat maladie avant de tombée dans le problem de finance et assurance mais le vrai problem c'est la ( contradiction,la negligence,et le retardement ), de cairtain individus atain d'une( jalouzie-hypocrits): ils m'excute a traver le temp sans aucune raison valable just pour faire de lintéressant mais ils mont fait causer beaucoup de' endomagement et sufisament de problems et c'et cronic la sule solution et apres que je reprond mes force récament il faut que je prend ma distination mon seule espoire est le voyage vers l'europe ou apres l'USA et soulager le moral …aider moi svp à traduire. ..

  12. SALUT


  14. dear sir
    please tell me

    Documents Required For UK Tourist Visa

    fateh singh

  15. I am a portuguese passport holder. I want to get my wife in uk. She is indian passport holder. Please guide what are the documents required


  17. Could you please specify what type of visa I have to apply. I can’t find any available type of visa for visit as tourist?
    when i took general visitor, the next steps gives me agency. can you please help me? with new procedur i can’t.
    Thank you

  18. Please help me to change my completed application for UK visit and got wrong contact details. how to change these information as there is no option to emend completed and confirmed visa application. thanks.


  19. i have visit london

  20. Could you please specify what type of visa I have to apply. I can’t find any available type of visa for visit as tourist?

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