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In this article we will provide step by step details on how to do DHBVN online bill payment in Haryana. Even today there are many people who tend to run away from online bill payment because it seems too complicated, so in this quick guide we’ll give you steps on how to do it. DHBVN or UHBVN have a website with an online payment option and it can seem a bit confusing.To ease the process we are providing guideline on how to pay DHBVN electricity bill online.

Step by Step Process to pay UHBVN DHBVN Online Bill Payment

  • To start, you should follow this link to get to the homepage: You will see the below screen

DHBVN online bill payment

  • Once you have got to the homepage which will look similar to above screen, you will see “KNo” option and type in the DTR number. Both of these can be found on your old DHBVN electricity bill. “Kno” is a unique number and is very important. Kno is nothing but a kind of account number provided by DHBVN and the full form is Knumber only. Without “Kno” you would not be able to pay dakshin Haryana electricity bill online. Once you have done this, click “Submit” button which can be seen at the bottom of the screen. Once you fill the above details you need to press submit button and you will see the below screen.

Kno DHBVN bill payment

  • After this, you will be shown a screen with all the details about your Electricity Connection. This screen will provide you all the details about you Electricity Connection, owner of the connection and address details. In The Current Bill tab you can view your current bill and can see the amount you need to pay. You can access your current bill in “The Current Bill” tab and if you wish to make an online payment click on the “Online Payment Tab”. If you wish to make an online payment click on the “Online Payment Tab” and you will see this screen

Online payment DHBVN electricity bill

  • On the screen that appears next, click on “Make Payment” button and here you can choose which option you want to use for paying the bill (Credit card, Debit card or Net banking).

Be careful if you want to pay with a card because it will take several additional charges to your bill, while Net banking won’t charge anything extra. Other forms of payment may cost you some extra money. You may have to check the website for the extra charges for Debit and Credit card payment.

Please make sure to retain the copy of payment online so that you will have record in case of any discrepancy with DHBVN payment.

Now you have a simple guidelines to paying your electricity bills online, which means no more waiting in long queues and more time for something you enjoy doing!Hope this information helps for all the residence of Gurgaon and faridabad while doing  dhbvn online bill payment. Enjoy Safe and hassle free DHBVN online bill payment.!!

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