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Aadhar Card Status Check and Aadhar Card Link with SBI

In this article we will provide the process on how to check Aadhar card status and also to link it with SBI bank account. Aadhar card seems to be more and more important as each of the government policy is going to be attached with your Aadhar card.  In our previous articles we have already posted how you can apply for an Aadhar card online .We have also posted how can a user officially post a complaint regarding your Aadhar card. Now it seems many of our readers want to know that can we track the status of already applied Aadhar card.

The answer is yes and you can check your Aadhar card status either online or using mobile sms. Before using this facility you should keep the acknowledgement slip which was provided to you when you have applied for it. You can also print aadhar card online and is valid all around the india.

1)    Aadhar card status check using official site

You need to go to the official link to get your status which is mentioned at the end of this article.

You will see this screen when you will click on  link.

aadhar card Status check Link SBI

aadhar card Status check Link SBI

Please enter the Aadhar card enrollment number in the first text box. Then enter the enrollment date and time in the second text box (please note that you have to enter the both date and time in this text box, format of the time stamp would be in dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss) Then enter the text in the image shown below the third text box.

2)    Aadhar card status check using mobile sms

check Aadhaar status by sending SMS as “UID STATUS <14 digit enrolment number>” (e.g. UID STATUS 12345678901234) to 51969. If your Aadhar has been generated and SMS is sent from registered mobile then you will receive the Aadhar number otherwise only current status will be communicated

Aadhar card is becoming one of the most important identity for all Indian citizen and now the newest feature is to link your aadhar card with your bank account. This will help us to get subsidizes LPG gas cylinder and has been made mandatory for the entire Indian citizen to link the aadhar to their bank account.

Step By Step Process to link your aadhar Card With SBI Bank

  1. Download this SBI aadhar Link form
  2. Fill this form with all correct information
  3. Take a photo copy of your aadhar card
  4. Take a photo copy of your PAN Card
  5. Submit These all documents at your nearest SBI center

Benefits of linking Aadhaar card with a SBI bank account

  • Government is now providing many subsidies having aadhar card linked to the account. Aadhar card can now be used to do KYC process in all bank and it has become online.
  • LPG subsidy can be taken very easily.You can now port LPG connection.
  • Scholarship will be directly credited to this account if it is linked to aadhar card
  • Pension will be directly into your bank account

Aadhar card linking to every financial institution is now one of major part in Indian economy.

You can also use the currency converter tool present

Link to check status of aadhar card

You can get the form from the below link which can be used to link your account

Linking Form of Aadhar / UID Number Form – OnlineSBI

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  110 Responses to “Aadhar Card Status Check and Link with SBI”

  1. chandavalee karchhana allahabad kod 212301

  2. ham adhar kard banwaya tha mujhe slip nahi mila kaphi samay ho gaya koi rasta batao

  3. sir maine 17 march ko aadhar reg.kryaya h aur muje slip ni mil pai to sir muje kaise adhaar card milega pls muje btao and how can i check my aadhar card status

  4. MAINE SBI ME AADHAR NO. SMS SE BHEJA THA JISKA REF. NO. 140520151547338077 DATE 14/05/2015

  5. my first bank of Shamrao Vitthal co operative bank but i have closed this account second I have link adhar card of Panjab National bank also submit bank pass book and adhar card Xerox but till time last 3 subsidy amount not received with my bank

  6. I am from Delhi how can I link my aadhar card with SBI Bank?

  7. I have a aadhar enrollment number and NPR receipt number when i am checking with the online aadhar status there is no responding the answer shows data is not valid due course try another enrollment number but i have only one aadhar receipt My RANGARAJ.C Enrollment number is1349/64435/01153/ date.16/09/2013 17:12:53 and NPR receipt number is. 233331004767000010001007001 please give feedback and how can i get the online aadhar card possible.

    Thanks & Regards


  8. When I enrolled for Aadhar card. they didn’t give me the slip of enrollment due to some technical problem and still i didn’t get my Aadhar card. Now I have not the Enrolment no & Timing. how can i get my eAadhar….

  9. please send me the status of my aadhar link to SBI

  10. How can I check my aadhar card identity status

  11. I HAVE APPLY FOR CHANG OF MY ADDRESS MY URN NO 1007/21198/103759 MY Aadhaar no is8522.5119.3329 kindly replay

  12. sir,
    my aadhar enrollment no is 111/63710/00382.dt:08/06/2013 14:33:09

    my son j.deepak prasanth’s aadhaar no is 1111/63710/00383 dt:08/06/2013 14:38:00

    pls send the status of the aadhaar no to my phone no or email.
    kindly oblige and do the needful,
    Thanking u

  13. I have enrolled for Aadhaar card on 23-07-2013. My enrollment no is : 1183/62007/0021.
    NPR Receipt no:413302000702601530640041001.
    I have not yet received the Aadhaar card or any info. Indane is insisting for the same immediately. Please
    expedite at the earliest.

  14. The Adhar Card Enrolment 2003/37106/04251 Dated 26.08.13 has not been received yet. This for the second time I have tried to get the Adhar Card(after waiting for two years in the first time) but yet to receive any communication.
    Hope my dream comes true in near future………….. ……….. …………..

  15. NPR No. 592117022705400471275070002 Pl. send ny AADHAAR card

  16. My NPR is 592117022705400471275070001, dt2.8.2012 but till date I have not received my AAdhaar card

  17. sir,

    my aadhar no.1040/19845/45517 dt.19.11.2012 11:07:37 still now we have not received.

  18. I wish to know my and my family’s adhar card status

  19. There is no mobile number printed on acknowledgement recept so how to get adhar number on line ?

  20. Dear sir\madam,

    Pls send me the status of aadhaar card of my family & me ,still we didn’t got our aadhaar card form last 4 months , in panaga indane gas services they r asking the aadhaar card otherwise they ll not give the gas ,we have the acknowledgement copy with us.

    kindly do the needful


  21. my Enrolment no. is 1058/10527/03670 date is 25/07/2012 at 15:26:02, and Enrolment no.is1058/10527/03672,date is 25/07/2012 at 15:45:17 and Enrolment no is 1058/10527/03673 date is 25/07/2012 at 15:50:49 and Enrolment no is 1058/10449/01174. date is 31/07/2012 at 22:05:29

  22. Plz check my adhar card 1088/80219/14117.kya yeh adhar card ban gaya hai

  23. please status of adhar card.

  24. my enrolement no : 1092/12267/01270
    date & time : 18/01/2013 13:28:58

    On 26/11/2013 i received the message from DM-ADHAAR THE ENROLLEMENT WITH ID 1092122670127020130118132858 has been rejected due to duplicate enrolement.

    So i want to know the status of my ADHAAR.If it is rejected what will i do next and how to get my ADHAAR.


  25. I down loaded card from your web side. but I cant open it. there is a option for password. what will be my password? Please help.


    Debangshu Chakraborty

  26. cheek status of aadhar card

  27. I applied in 2011 not yet recvd ,again applied on 19-08-2013not yet recvd and few days back i went to e seva vijaynagar Mr. X at the desk asking 400-500 Rs.plz. check into the matter

  28. Kindly update my aadhar card status

  29. my aadhar card missing please send me duplecate copy

  30. Please check & furnish status of aadhar card bearing enrolment no-1104/10241/60417 date-29/06/2013 12:47:59

  31. enrol no 1062/60358/01161 date 28.05.2013 time12.30.48, whate is my present status ?

  32. mera aadhar card nhi mila hi

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  35. my aadhar card is not our adress please urgent send me my aadhar card

  36. Pl tell me the status of my adhar card No.1177/81249/00753 dt 21-08-20000000000013

  37. my adhaar card is not issued
    number 2046/11153/02771/17092013/14:15:37

  38. My Enrolment No 1040/19591/00073 dt. & time 20/11/2011 14:33:01. I have not received my Aadhaar Card.

  39. I have Enroled my name for Aadhaar Card on 20/11/2011 at 14:33:01 hrs. My Enrolment No 1040/19591/00073. But I have not received my Aadhaar Card till date. when I check status of aadhaar card there no response from administration. What is the solution.

  40. check status of aadhar card bearing enrolment No:- 1189/03113/07141 Date:-25/07/2013 Time:-09:33:37

  41. Check status of Aadhar card bearing enrolment no-1189/03113/07140 date-25/07/2013 09:28:31

  42. i wan to know about my adhar card
    E.n-1214/12224/02595 date-9/10/2013 15:3625

  43. Enrollment No:1057/12146/00559
    Pin code:625602
    Still I didn’t receive the Aadhaar card please give the details regarding this

    Thanks for your valuable steps towards this

  44. 1. check status of aadhar card bearing enrolment no-1050/08389/04819 date-03/05/2013 12:28:04 Jasraj Singh Solanki (m)

    2.check status of aadhar card bearing enrolment no-1050/08389/04818 date-03/05/2013 12:17:11 Kamlesh Kanwar Solanki (f)

    3.check status of aadhar card bearing enrolment no-1050/08325/31724 date-03/05/2013 14:56:21 Nilu Kanwar (f)

    Pls. send my card.

  45. please check status of my card status ,enrolment no 2003/44017/49513 dated 21/08/2013

  46. 1028/36007/04083 date 16/072013 time 16:38:18

  47. my adhar has not reciv me.

  48. My adhar card not come on my address

  49. my adhra card recipt no availble pls help me wat my file nomber

  50. hi this is sandhya from vizag .iam studying in b tech final year.i have to apply scholarship.so i need my aadhar card.plz inform my status.its too urgent.try to understand my position.my enrolment no:2022/05991/01332 date:31/12/2012 15:04:59. plz sir give me reply………………….

  51. Dear Ma’am/sir

    I am apply before 1 year on my Adhara card but i have’t received pls send my address

  52. 11 MM hogaye abitak mers card nai aaya call karke dhekha to basrbar khte hai aajayega q aissa kab aayega.
    Enrolment no. 1300/20141/06941. Date 30/01/2013 19:06:56. a Hai abitak q nai aaya mujhe batao plz is number call karo. 09689337367

  53. pasra pasranagaram govindaraopet warangal

  54. I have not received Aadhar card yet now which has done dated 04.09.2012

  55. check status of aadhar card bearing enrolment no-2022/05000/00421 date-14/06/2013 15:32:26

  56. Dear sir,
    Plz give me status of this customer… on urgent basis..

    Enrolment No :1027/25239/01430 Date :07/10/2013 13:56:36



  59. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Send my UID on my home…..

  60. Please refer to my Adhar card enrolment No – 1178/61028/00156 dated 04 Jan 2012.

    Please intimate present position of the card status. The same has not yet been received till date. MATTER MUST URGENT.

  61. my adhaar card is not com my addrass

  62. plz send my adhar card status on my e-mail, i am forword my adhar card’s detail.

    1:- Shubhan Sadruddin Shaikh, enroll no. 10349006010245.
    2:- Furkan ” “””””””””””””””‘ 10349006010246.

  63. My adhar card is nt cming plz plz generat my adhar card i need to renuaval my fees reammberesment i hav only one week
    Plz generat my abhar card plz plz plz plz plz

  64. aadhaar card is not received enrolment no.2010/19666/09496

  65. My Enrolment No/1119/20136/37071 Dated 23/07/2013 but Adhar Card No. not recieved.

  66. Plese transfar the aadhar number immediatly
    Eid :1094/90052/18179

  67. sir my mobile no. is 09879632039 please urgently require.

  68. plz give me status of my aadhaar card ………..very urgent.

  69. Pl send my a aadhar card status. When it ll get

  70. My name is Renu Kumari.My enrollment number is 1218 /22043 /22748. I want to check my aadhaar card status.And my adhaar card is not com my addrass.Date 06/12/2011 time 15:32:35

  71. my adhar no, 11896006700187 pls check it on urgent basis fir hp gas subcidi

  72. pl.send the status of aadhar card
    name rakhi jha
    Enrolment no: 1366/90129/02692

  73. mera adhar card kab banega

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    pls sent imediyatly.

  75. Aadhar is very useful to public

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  78. myaadharcard could not be generated till now

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  84. YET I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY AADHAR CARD RECEIPT NO 51191500071000240336089003

  85. please send me my aadhar card no.

  86. pl.send the status of aadhar card
    name- chahat
    enrollment no.1218/29021/07135

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  88. please noteadhar card no: 1308/00039/33738.date:05/09/2013 time:12:46.03.

    please send the status at the earliest.
    warm regards,

  89. Plz send my adhar card status

  90. Please tell the status of my card

  91. sir’
    I had applied for adaar card on 23/03/2003. 12.33.19. with my two children and husband.My husband and two children have received their adaar card two months ago.But i did not get my card so far.Please let me inform the status of it.
    Best Regards

  92. my enrolment 1st no is ( 1218/16391/02438 enrolled on 03-06-2011 10:37:44 ) 2nd no is
    ( 1218/16324/02703 enrolled on 04-05-2011 10:05:40 ) its not delivered to me till now
    kindly suggest ways to get it pls.,

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  96. Sir,
    my enrolment 1st no is ( 1216/01147/00015 enrolled on 16-09-2011 15:35:01 ) 2nd no is
    ( 1216/01148/00010 enrolled on 16-09-2011 15:35:17 ) its not delivered to me till now
    kindly suggest ways to get it pls.,

  97. hello i’m kulwinder kaur my A.c no.237781886598 fist time my husband name is wrong i applied a new application nd this time my village name is wrong how many time i applied adhar plz help me

  98. since from 15/06/2013 enrolled ror adhaar card pl let me know the status

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  100. how can i change the name of Aadhaar card. the card was subbmitted and name correcttion so plz hel me and rpl for this metter..

  101. i aplly for adhar card date of 10/12/2013 but still i dont get my adhar card .

  102. please provied my addhar card (07month)

    • I am not in receipt of my AADHAAR card till date. My entrolement no; is: 1127/36059/44563 dt18/03/2013.11:35:59 kindly do the needful to for early receipt.

  103. Please send me the status of my card. My LPG Indane suppliers need me to update the Aadhar Card No. please help me out.

  104. please check my aadhaar card status.

  105. i am not able to check my aadhaar card status

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